Agenda for a Sustainable America


Table of Contents

I. Introduction

1.   Sustainable Development and the United States.
John C. Dernbach

2.   Progress Toward Sustainability: A Report Card.
The Contributing Authors

3.   Agenda for a Sustainable America.
The Contributing Authors

II. Six Areas of Greater Progress

4.   Local Governance and Sustainability: Growing Progress, Major Challenges.
Jonathan Weiss

5.   Brownfields Redevelopment: From Individual Sites to Smart Growth.
Joel B. Eisen

6.   Business and Industry: Transitioning to Sustainability.
Ira Robert Feldman

7.   Higher Education: Emerging Laboratories for Inventing a Sustainable Future.
Wynn Calder and Julian Dautremont-Smith

8.   Kindergarten Through Twelfth Grade: Piecemeal but Significant Progress in Preparing Students to Create a More Sustainable Future.
Carmela Federico and Jaimie Cloud

9.   Religion and Ethics Focused on Sustainability.
Dieter T. Hessel

III. Consumption, Population, and Poverty

10.   Energy: Sustainable and Unsustainable Developments.
Mark D. Levine and Nathaniel T. Aden

11.   Materials: From High Consumption to More Sustainable Resource Use.
Amit Kapur and Thomas E. Graedel

12.   The Importance of Population Stabilization to Sustainability.
Anne H. Ehrlich and James Salzman

13.   Poverty: Greening the Tax and Transfer System to Create More Opportunities.
Jonathan Barry Forman

IV. Conservation and Management of Natural Resources

14.   Freshwater: Sustaining Use by Protecting Ecosystems.
Robert W. Adler

15.   Oceans and Estuaries: The Ocean Commissions’ Unfulfilled Vision.
Robin Kundis Craig

16.   Air Quality: The Need to Replace Basic Technologies with Cleaner Alternatives.
David Driesen

17.   Climate Change: The Unmet Obligation to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
Donald A. Brown

18.   Biodiversity Conservation: An Unrealized Aspiration.
A. Dan Tarlock & Andrew Zabel

19.   Sustainable Forestry: Moving from Concept to Consistent Practice.
Federico Cheever & Ward J. Scott

V. Waste and Toxic Chemicals

20.   Toxic Chemicals and Pesticides: Not Yet Preventing Pollution.
Lynn R. Goldman

21.   Hazardous Waste and Superfund: Few Changes and Little Progress.
Joel A. Mintz

22.   Municipal Solid Waste: Building Stronger Connections to Jobs and the Economy.
Marian Chertow

VI. Land Use and Transportation

23.   Land Use: Blending Smart Growth with Social Equity and Climate Change Mitigation.
Patricia Salkin

24.   Transportation: Challenges and Choices.
Trip Pollard

VII. International Trade, Finance, and Development Assistance

25.   International Trade: Sustainability as a Multilateral, Bilateral, and Regional Effort.
Kevin C. Kennedy

26.   Official Development Assistance: Toward Funding for Sustainability.
Royal C. Gardner and Ezequiel Lugo

27.   Financing Sustainable Development.
Frances Seymour, Smita Nakhooda, and Sabina Ahmed

28.   Lead Poisoning and Pollution: Opportunities for Internationalized Solutions.
K.W. James Rochow

VIII. State and Federal Governance

29.   State Governance: Leadership on Climate Change.
Kirsten H. Engel and Marc L. Miller

30.   Public Access to Information, Participation, and Justice: Forward and Backward Steps Toward an Informed and Engaged Citizenry.
Carl Bruch, Frances Irwin, and Gary D. Bass

31.   National Governance: Still Stumbling Toward Sustainability.
John C. Dernbach